Alignment and Brakes Service in San Jose Is your vehicle in need of a alignment or brakes service in San Jose?

Look no further than the Smart Service Technicians at your local tire shop CALI RIMS AND TIRES, who have the skills and expertise to keep your brakes, steering and suspension components in good working order. Scheduling regular maintenance is essential to ensuring peak vehicle performance, so get in touch with us today to arrange an appointment and discover firsthand how our affordable services are designed to prevent pricey repairs down the road.

Learn the signs of alignment issues, including the unusually rapid and uneven wearing of your tires and feeling your steering pulling to one side. When these signs arise, visit Cali Rims and Tires for an alignment service as soon as possible.

Come to us for:

● Inspection of steering and suspension system

● Checking tire condition and air pressure

● Adjustment of camber, caster and toe angles, if adjustable, to the manufacturer's specifications

● Road testing your vehicle to ensure your alignment is straight forward

● Providing a printout containing your before and after alignment readings 

Cali Rims and Tire is dedicated to providing you with affordably priced services, but that isn’t all: we also want you to have a positive experience. Book an appointment by Calling us at 408-294-0786


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